Tesserack Z Shingled Rooftop solar Mounting

Everything you need to install solar panels on a shingled roof. (well, almost)

The only difference between the “Z” for metal and “Z” for shingles is the bottom water seal. The smooth surface of a corrugated metal roof allows us to use neoprene washers. The rougher composite shingle surface requires the use of a thicker, butyl rubber seal. 

If you are required to lag to rafters, we offer a pre-assembled “splice” plate. You can also get an optional skirt.

No Assembly Required

UL 2703 certified Tesserack Z is factory assembled and ready to install!

No Design Tool Needed

Layout is simple. Space the mounts up-down slope according to module dimensions and across slope to match the module mounting points. All you need are the mounts and self-drilling screws to attach to the roof.

Single Tool Installation

Mounts attach to the roof using a standard power driver. The rest is literally a snap.

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Save time and money with every installation

Tesserack Z mounts can save up to 50% on install time, making us the fastest on the market. The simple design makes training quick, so your team can be on the roof and moving fast with minimal lost time.

Butyl Rubber Reliability

Many mounting systems now use aluminum flashings for weather proofing. They also recommend that you caulk the screw hole to provide redundant weather proofing. The advantage is that you can mount with one lag screw. The disadvantage is that you have to lift shingles to insert the flashing, and that takes time and effort. Tesserack Z mounts with two screws, providing a stable base for the butyl rubber seal on the bottom of the mount. Our butyl seal material, like the Tesserack mounts, is UL certified for outdoor applications and proven to retain its properties for over 20 years. We've been testing and evaluating seals for performance and have seen no signs of leakage or degradation in over 6 months.
Over 0
Simulated Inches of Rainfall

Download the Tesserack Z Datasheet here

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