Coming Soon! Tesserack RS Shingled Rooftop solar Mounting

Need rooftop array leveling? Tesserack RS has you covered.

Tesserack RS gives you over 1.5″ of height adjustment capability. The leveling screw uses the same power drill bit as the lag bolt and is accessible after the modules are mounted, so you can eyeball leveling faster than using a string line or laser level. 

Tesserack RS will work with conventional flashing and micro-flashing systems. It’s also compatible with many slate or tile roof anchors. Otherwise, it has all the benefits of the Tesserack Z.

No Assembly Required

Factory assembled and ready to install - right out of the box!

No Design Tool Needed

Layout is simple. Space the mounts up-down slope according to module dimensions and across slope to match the module mounting points. All you need are the mounts and self-drilling screws to attach to the roof.

Single Tool Installation

Mounts attach to the roof using a standard power driver. The rest is literally a snap.

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Save time and money with every installation

Tesserack RS mounts can save up to 50% on install time, making us the fastest on the market. The simple design makes training quick, so your team can be on the roof and moving fast with minimal lost time.

Your neighborhood should look like this!

Download the Tesserack RS Datasheet here

If you don’t need height adjustment, or prefer not to deal with flashing, check out the Tesserack Z for shingled roofs