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Trademark and Patents approved for Tessolar Products

Tessolar has now received its first trademark and U.S. utility patent following on the successful registration of its unique hardware designs worldwide.

Tessolar Designs Registered Worldwide

Tessolar has now received Design Registrations (also known as Design Patents) for its Tesserack rooftop hardware in much of the world. The designs are recognized in the United States, China, Thailand, India and through the Hague International Registration of Industrial Designs, which covers 91 countries.<BR>

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Registers Tesserack

Tesserack is now a registered trademark of Tessolar Inc.

U.S. Patent issues for Tesserack rooftop mounting hardware.

Tesserack rooftop hardware is now manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 10,707803 B2. This patent provides claims for Tesserack as a mounting system with multiple unique features. Additional coverage is in progress.

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