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Tessolar Overseas Shipments Total 2 MW

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Tessolar has now shipped over 2 MW of Tesserack Z hardware to Asia. The latest shipment, of 7500 parts, was delivered to MCE Thailand in Bangalore. The hardware is scheduled to be installed on three projects.


Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

MCE Energy Thailand, Ltd. has been developing and installing solar energy solutions in the Thailand for over 15 years. MCE’s order of over 7500 Tesserack Z mounts will be used to install approximately 1 MW of solar panels on two commercial rooftops. One of those roofs, at an ice making facility, is curved. Tessolar analyzed the amount of curvature and the capability of the Tesserack Z mounts to flex slightly under load using Finite Element Analysis and determined that the mounts can accommodate the curve with no modifications and with no loss in load-carrying capability. This provided MCE with an easy solution to the issue of mounting on a curved surface.

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