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Tessolar First 500 kW Installation Complete

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CandI Solar has completed the first installation using Tessolar’s Tesserack Z mounting hardware. 500 kW of solar panels were mounted on four different buildings at a complex about an hour outside of Mumbai.

Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

Solar installations on commercial buildings can pose unique financial and technical problems. Commercial buildings are often not owner-occupied. They are owned by real estate companies and leased to tenants. The tenants would be the primary beneficiary of a rooftop solar array, but the building owner would carry the liability. In some areas, neither the building owner, nor the tenant, have a sufficient credit record to allow the developer to obtain bank financing for the project. Tessolar rooftop mounting hardware supports the developer by reducing the cost of installation and, with a proprietary removal tool, allowing the rapid removal and deployment of the panels in the event of a customer default.

In the case of the CandI installations, all of the rooftops are low slope, “R-Panel” trapezoidal sheet steel profiles. The typical installation process for these roofs is to fasten an L-bracket at intervals onto the roof, bolt a rail onto the L-brackets and then attach the modules to the rails using top clamps. Since the roofs are often over 10 meters high with no parapets, dropping a part means a long climb down and back to retrieve it.

While labor costs are low in India, time spent installing is time spent with hardware on hand, no revenue from the project and continuing financing costs, so speed still matters. CandI choose the Tesserack Z hardware as a pilot project to evaluate the relative ease and speed of installation.

Two Tessolar team members traveled to India to provide training and gather feedback for possible product improvement. Total training time was less than 1.5 hours and the CandI installation team was off and running. While CandI was not keeping installation time metrics, the boots on the roof reported that the system installed “faster, much faster” than using their normal hardware. Tessolar timed the CandI team at 3 minutes per module following the initial training period.

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