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Tessolar's Tesserack Series of PV mounting/racking hardware is engineered for the world's fastest solar installations.

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The Tesserack™ line of integrated racking products accelerates installation time of solar PV systems for rooftop and ground mount applications. Tessolar products are made with proven aerospace-quality composite materials, allowing for highly engineered, precision features not possible with all-metal products. Tessolar’s patent pending technology provides tool-free, high throughput PV system installation with precise snap-fit joints that meet or exceed PV industry standards for strength, durability and safety.

Tesserack products provide up to a 50% faster installation while reducing soft and hard costs throughout the deployment lifecycle. Now, high throughput project portfolio deployment to support rapid market expansion is a proven reality.

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Tessolar is introducing new products throughout 2019.

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For Metal Roofs
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This is the question our team answers at the beginning of our development process for every new Tessolar product. Our goal is factory - efficient installation in the field, and that philosophy is instilled in every Tesserack product. Core to this philosophy is to minimize:

1.  The number of parts
2.  The number of tools
3.  The number of operations

Steel and aluminum have been the go-to material for the solar industry for more than 40 years. While the ease of crossover from other metal industries is expedient, innovation can be limited due to the high cost and complexity of milling and machining features on metal-only systems.

This is why Tessolar uses high strength aerospace composites which enable unlimited design freedom to create valuable innovative gains across the entire racking process — from design and engineering, to racking logistics, to installation.

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Tesserack : RS

Eliminate pounds of metal and installation complexity. No removal of modules for leveling.

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Structural metal roofs comprise 85% of commercial roofs globally. Now, solar developers can access a large addressable market efficiently.

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A large jump in fix tilt state of the art. All quick lock joints with one-tool installation.




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Material Science Approach

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  • “No Fear” design philosophy allows use of the entire structural materials toolkit
  • The cost-effective fabrication and assembly of complex components can facilitate vastly simplified installation processes.
  • Composite design is a Tessolar core competency not a commonly found structural design skill set
  • Structural composites are used in everything from air transportation to robotics to wind energy, but have been overlooked by a solar industry that largely does not have composite design competency
  • A Tessolar’s systems design approach also reveals opportunities for innovation in metallic hardware design and composite/metal hybrid racking
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Tessolar Aerospace Composite Material

Tessolar glass-reinforced composite material has a nearly 30-year history of continuous improvement and application evolution. Kilogram for kilogram, it’s stronger than steel and requires no maintenance. Tessolar composite is used extensively outdoors in high strength applications across industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Building materials
  • Electric utility
  • Law enforcement
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Wind turbines
Glass reinforced molded composites produce a durable, low-maintenance product that has a number of benefits:
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Temperature stable
  • Highly fire-resistant
  • Corrosion and rust free
  • No bending or bowing
  • No UV degradation
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight
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Les Fritzemeier


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Les has more than 30 years of executive management and innovation leadership experience with both Fortune 100 companies and startup entities — in roles ranging from Lead Scientist to Chief Executive Officer. He has a broad skill set including: technology company startup, product innovation and development, technology commercialization, manufacturing, and operations with companies that include Rockwell International, American Superconductor, Siva Power and Energy Materials Corp. Les started his career in aerospace materials and design and has worked in a variety of power related industries — with 14 years exclusively devoted to large boost innovation in the solar energy market. Les holds a Doctorate of Engineering Science degree in material engineering from Columbia University, a Master of Business Administration degree from California Lutheran University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics and mathematics from Augustan College.
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Joseph Impellizeri


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Joseph has a career spanning more than 30 years in working with startup and mature companies in the manufacturing, media, non-profit, pharmaceutical and technology sectors. His experience in guiding and supporting diverse venture capital and angel funded emerging businesses is key to his work with Tessolar as the company accelerates revenue growth. As the principal of Richwood Associates, Joseph supports emerging to mid-sized enterprises with a range of services beyond traditional financial responsibilities — by providing business strategy, business management and operations support, vendor negotiations and raising expansion capital. Examples of his corporate history include working with Digital Equipment Corp., Altavista, Syncra Systems, Wave-mark and Marathon Technologies. Joseph has a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Business School where his concentrations were in international business, marketing and finance. His Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with concentration.
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Ken Gary

VP Manufacturing & Product Development

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Ken leads Tessolar’s design and manufacturing teams to create innovative structural composite and metal PV solar racking systems that are fully integrated and highly cost-effective — creating an entirely new PV racking system paradigm. He has an extensive 30+ year career dedicated to understanding human/device interactions and reducing complexity in the hands of the user. Ken has demonstrated success in these areas primarily through the design and commercialization of multiple award-winning medical devices for companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Alcresta Therapeutics and Ciba-Corning Diagnostics. Ken’s knowledge and experience in both startup and mature companies enables Tessolar to successfully navigate rapid early-stage growth with operational stability while accelerating innovation. Ken earned a Master in Business Administration degree from Boston University and his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in chemical and biomedical engineering from Columbia University.
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Katy Hartman

VP Research & Development

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Katy leads Tessolar’s research and development branch, which keeps the company on the leading edge of product innovation and integrity. Katy designs and directs experimental programs for the evaluation of solar module racking integration technologies with a focus on significantly decreasing costs, while at the same time, meeting or exceeding industry standards for strength, durability and reliability. Prior to her innovation work at Tessolar, Katy was a Ph.D. candidate and postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she worked on various earth-abundant replacement materials for thin film solar cells. While at MIT, Katy proved the concept of dislocation density reduction by high temperature annealing in multi-crystalline silicon wafers — leading to a patent disclosure. She also held an internship position at crystalline silicon ribbon innovator, Evergreen Solar. Katy’s 11 years of experience in and enthusiasm for the PV industry were established at MIT where she was participated in the energy club and earned Bachelor of Science and Doctorate degrees in material science and engineering.
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Dave P. Buemi

EVP Business Development

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Dave brings to Tessolar, a 22-year career in renewable energy with vast experience in the solar PV industry. He has held senior-level positions throughout the PV supply chain including technology commercialization, manufacturing, EPC and project development with companies that include Daystar Technologies, Empower Energies, Gehrlicher Solar/M&W and Suniva. Dave has been involved in the development and deployment of 220 megawatts of solar generation assets globally. He also played a key role developing the community energy model and commercialization of both advanced thin-film solar cell and solar tri-generation technologies. Dave has worked with the U.S. Department of Defense on early renewable energy and microgrid strategy deployment at the warrior, forward deployed and home base levels. A climate change and climate resiliency activist, Dave believes that leapfrog innovations such as Tessolar’s are key to the overall energy decarbonization solution set to meet the Paris Climate Accords timeline.
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Malcolm Cummings

Lead Product Engineer

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Malcolm has been involved in renewable energy for the past eight years with mechanical engineering experience in solar, energy storage and geothermal sensors. He has a proven track record of bringing novel concepts through the product development cycle — from concept to market — by leveraging skills that include design, engineering, manufacturing process development and product analysis. At Tessolar, Malcolm applies his broad skill set to the invention, innovation and creative design of PV hardware products to create entirely new methodologies for PV system installation. Prior to working with Tessolar, Malcolm was the lead mechanical engineer at MagiQ Technologies, where he led a team in the development of experimental scientific equipment. He studied aeronautical engineering at the U.S. Air Force Academy and received his Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Malcolm is dedicated to climate change activism and is involved in public advocacy and community organizing for local, state and national climate change policies.
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Yang Jin

Lead Product Analyst

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Yang is a key member of Tessolar’s product design and manufacturing team, where she wears multiple hats in supporting the product development lifecycle process. Yang works closely with team members in designing new products and conducts computeraided design and finite element analysis to ensure product performance and compliance with industrial code and certification standards. Yang brings to the table, extensive experience in finite element analysis and research that she attained during her education and at internships, including the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership and at Hydroswarm, a company developing undersea drones. She earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in measurement control and instrumentation, a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations from China Jiliang University, and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Tufts University. Yang believes innovation like Tessolar’s are critical to the acceleration of PV deployment to meet the climate change curtailment timeline.
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Kathy Barry

Accounting/Office Administration

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Kathy leads Tessolar’s accounting functions while supporting day-to-day operations. Since 2016, she has been instrumental in supporting the Tessolar innovation team’s product line growth and global launch. Kathy brings a vast 30 years of experience in general accounting, auditing and administration with leadership experience, in positions that include bank examiner, mortgage corporation treasurer, internal accountant and most recently, heading-up the accounting and administration departments in several start-up companies. Kathy is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.
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